Sobriety Stories: Brittany Finally Knows Peace After Years of Despair

Sobriety Stories: Brittany Finally Knows Peace After Years of Despair

Read about the journeys of real people who have overcome addiction on their path to happiness. Their stories provide hope and inspiration to those affected by alcohol, drugs and other mental health issues. It wasn’t until I was a high school freshman, when I played drums in the marching band with my next older brother, that I again began to feel the connection of associating with him and his friends. That fall, the afternoon before my first evening jazz band rehearsal, I distinctly remember my first drunk — on Orange Tango. I remember the taste going down — and coming up.

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Make this your opportunity to reclaim your life. Call today to speak with one of our treatment specialists and learn more about options for addiction rehab. Our specialists know what you are going through and will answer any questions about addiction treatment. Inspirational addiction recovery stories are a great way to motivate those struggling with addiction. By hearing real-life sobriety stories from recovery addicts, individuals can see that recovery is possible and start to believe in themselves.


It was just one blackout after another, messing up relationships, apologizing for things. And it was pretty much that way for 10 years. I look back and am amazed at how long I was OK with settling for that life. It’s hard for me to describe it without closing my eyes and getting a little emotional.

  • Bill developed self-worth and began volunteering, working for rehab centers to help young people like him.
  • As stories are heard, brain waves synchronize with the storyteller.
  • When recovering from drug addiction, embracing sobriety is crucial.
  • What you did in the past does not decide who you will be in the future.

Drug and alcohol addiction stories are usually shadowed by short, faceless segments on the news. But there’s a deeper, human element in each story that is too often untold. Prior to getting sober, I was kind inspirational stories of sobriety of just lost. I knew I wanted to do things and I would start to do things, but there was never any follow-through. Because I would start something, get taken over by the disease, and then abandon it.

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And I reached out for help, and I ran with it. It’s really not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems. I’ve never met an alcoholic in recovery who doesn’t believe that this is the best thing they have ever done. That post was exactly what I needed to read and exactly when I needed to read it. It lifted me out of my thoughts of relapse and reminded me that sobriety is worth the fight. Ted Nielsen shares how we need people to help us along the road to sobriety, but we can’t be carried.

Over time I was able to take on more work responsibilities. I have become a better and more compassionate physician than I ever was before. The following morning, after the kids were off to school, I told my wife that I was an alcoholic and that I was seeking help. She didn’t realize how much lying is an integral part of alcoholism. She then began to question me about any other lies I told in the past. I hesitated for a while, not wanting to hurt her any more.